travel with a friend


The idea of ​​travelling abroad, starting a new exciting career path is so tempting but… it can be a little frightening too. It is very normal do not worry…

Many of our past interns gave us positive feedbacks and shared with us their wishes and requests. From it we learned and we created the: ‘travel with a friend’ option. This package will give you the opportunity to share this experience with whoever you want: a single friend, a group of friends or even boyfriend/girlfriend so you can overcome any uncertainty and have twice as much fun in your new experience.

Our Tutors will guide both in planning the internship and additional services that you have selected on the platform. You will be able to share the accommodation or stay with two different families/apartments and experience the city together during free time. Same with the internships, you can choose the same company or if you are interested in different working fields, each of you will have their own sector and company, allowing both of you to make your internships abroad unforgettable.

If this is the right option for you, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about which incredible experience abroad you can share with your friends.
Cause guys, do not forget, that sharing is always caring….