You can find here the frequently asked questions from interns and parents

Who can I contact in case of needs during my internship?
You will have several people at your disposal in case of need. In your personal profile you will have all the contact details of the Tutor we have assigned to you, that can be reached 24/7. In case the issue has not been resolved please write us a message through the ‘CONTACT US’ page on our website.
Which additional services are included in the internship?
We offer 2 kinds of packages, internship search only or internship + additional services. Based on the latter you will be able to select the services you wished to add on our internship page where all the prices have been displayed. Services you can add or remove from the chart are usually: accommodation, food, transfers, insurance, language courses and so much more. Some internships have fixed services like accommodation and food in a family, and these have been selected in order to support younger students, which need a package that is more inclusive for their safety being minors.
What happens if I do not feel comfortable in the company where my internship is?
We regularly arrange meetings or chats over the phone to check on your internship satisfaction and we will track the progress you are making. In case serious issues arise, we can consider moving you to another company. Consider that this option will take some time as we need to contact new hosts and arrange everything for you.
When will I receive my internship details?
Information on the internship, such as: company name, tutor's name, company email and physical address, description of the tasks etc. will be available on your personal profile as soon as the company confirm. On our experience this is usually 1 or 2 weeks before departure.
When will I receive the information regarding the accommodation I have booked?
Information on the precise location of the accommodation, whether you choose a family, student residence or shared apartment, will be available on your personal profile 2 or 3 weeks before departure.
How does it work with the washing machine, towels and sheets?
Family accommodation: the washing machine is available for the student to be used once a week with the help and supervision of the family. Towels and sheets are provided by the host families. Student residence and shared apartments: we will let you know if the washing machine is available to the student, it can be free or might have an extra fee. Towels may or may not be provided by the property. You will find everything specified in the accommodation document in your personal profile.
What to bring in my luggage?
We suggest you to bring clothes that are suitable for the work environment, such as trousers or jeans, shirts or dresses. Companies usually prefer casual clothes, without visible brands.
How much money should I bring with me?
We suggest you not to get $ or £ from the bank in your country. In case your internship is in United Kingdom you can exchange 50Euro or 100Euro at the airport. We recommend you to use prepaid cards, such as Revolut or Wise. In case you wish to use Revolut we have this referral link you can use:!APR1-22-AR. It is very important to check - by calling your bank - that the credit or prepaid cards that Intern are using are working in the country of destination. Beware that some pre-paid cards do not allow cash withdrawal abroad. We suggest to pay by cards when possible and to hold a maximum of 150 maximum cash that can be used for extras during the week or weekend.
Which best practices shall I use to manage money and documents abroad?
In order to avoid losing documents and money, we suggest to make a copy of the most important documents, like identity cards, passports or other and if possible to leave them in the suitcase. The same is true with cash, better not to carry too much money but only the necessary for the day.
How does the accommodation in a family works?
All our host families need to pass a strict selection process and have been working with international students for years. When choosing the family option, you will also be able to choose from: self-catering (gives you free access to the kitchen in order to prepare your meals); half board package (which includes breakfast and dinner cooked by the host family) and full board package (which includes breakfast, packed lunch and dinner provided by the host family). The half board and full board options do not include free access to the kitchen.
What should I expect from my internship?
An internship abroad is the best way to understand the work environment and the career you wish to purse as well as to learn by doing. Always be kind to the people you meet, your colleagues and Tutor are investing time to help you succeed. Even if they will not be by your side all the time, they are often working on your benefit. Please remember that the work environment abroad is different and often you will get a lot of freedom from your colleagues on how you manage your time and work tasks. We are 100% sure that this experience will change your life for the best, giving you a new set of skills, greater awareness and new perspectives, these are the real advantages that you can use to boost your career!