Travel, Learn, Intern


Duck Internship does not offer no-choice and fixed programs.

On the contrary, we work tirelessly to add to our list of over 9,500 companies in 23 countries around the world, other organizations and businesses that accept our personalized and, in the vast majority of cases, paid internship projects.

Where would you like to go?


Are you in high school and are tired of the typical summer school abroad?

What about an experience abroad that will instead expand your network and help you to understand the business world?
Duck Internship has what you are looking for.

Costruisci le basi della tua esperienza lavorativa – e matura crediti formativi – con gli stage brevi presso le nostre aziende partner: acquisisci competenze pratiche e migliora la lingua straniera!


In case you are unable to physically travel abroad – or maybe you like to be a working nomad and constantly move from one place to another – this formula will allow you to gain experience with companies interested in “fishing for talent” in every corner of the world.

You can acquire transversal skills such as adaptability in the workspace, time management, the use of digital collaboration tools and the ability to do “remote networking”.
With remote internships you develop the skills that every young professional must have to succeed in a globalized and interconnected world.

You choose the sector in which you want to specialize, we find the company that is looking for young promises like yourself.