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Internship with Accommodation: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea


South Korea, also known as “The Land of the Morning Calm”, is a unique and dynamic country that offers beautiful sceneries, a one of a kind culture, and delectable cuisine. Korea is vastly recognized as being one of the top technology hubs across the globe and is revolutionizing the industry. With an internship in Korea, you have the opportunity to explore this country first hand and experience everything it has to offer.
South Korea provides great opportunities to acquire international working experience for students and young professionals, which is beneficial to further your career. You will be highly valued if employers see that you’ve completed an international internship in South Korea. Additionally, you will have the chance to increase your network of contacts from many industry professionals.

Seoul happens to be the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy, and, not surprisingly, South Korea’s business and financial hub.

It plays host to the Korea Exchange, the headquarters of many international banks, and several financial/insurance companies most of which are located in Yeouido, often called “South Korea’s Wall Street.”

The Information Technology industry in Seoul has been flourishing for a long while now; in fact, the city is sometimes referred to as the world’s “most wired city”.

It boasts of very technologically advanced infrastructure and numerous technology companies where a young professional in the IT field can intern.

In the manufacturing sector, Seoul does not disappoint as many major electronics manufacturers (including Samsung, LG, Kia), top beverage companies (such as Jinro and Hite), and food giants (like Seoul Dairy Cooperative, Lotte, Nongshim Group) are also located within the city.

So there definitely is no shortage of internship opportunities for you here.


working sector
  • Accounting & Administration
  • Consulting
  • Fashion
  • Financial services
  • Fitness
  • Graphic Design
  • Journalism
  • IT & Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship & Startup
  • Legal
  • Logistic Warehousing
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Public Relations
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Tourism
  • Video & Photography
  • Volunteering & NGO
  • Inglese, B1
minimum age required
16 years
paid Internship
A possible stipend is provided in South Korea, which will depend from a series of factors, such as the length of the internship, the sector and the experience of the candidate.
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For this internship you can select a range from 21 days to 168 days.
Departure and return can be selected from Sunday to Sunday.
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Additional Services:

Additional services included in the package:
CV/Resume Enhancement We will help enhance your CV to increase your chances of being hired
Visa support We will assist you in getting the right visa for your internship
Welcome package We will provide you a welcome package that includes all the essentials for your time interning abroad
Feedback session We provide a feedback session to help you improve for future opportunities
Company Supervisor Each applicant will have a supervisor designated to them during their placement
Assistance 24/7 We provide emergency assistance 24/7 whilst you are interning abroad
Domestic SIM A SIM card to use in the country
Pick-up and drop-off from your apartment to your workplace on your first day We will pick you up at your accommodation and bring you to your workplace on the first day
Transportation Card Provide you a preloaded transportation card for the first month
Fill in documents to receive High School or University credits Documents to ensure that the internship can be used for credits
Certification from your host company You will receive a certification from your host company once you have completed your internship

FAQ - Questions and Answers

Which additional services are included in the internship?
We offer 2 kinds of packages, internship search only or internship + additional services. Based on the latter you will be able to select the services you wished to add on our internship page where all the prices have been displayed. Services you can add or remove from the chart are usually: accommodation, food, transfers, insurance, language courses and so much more. Some internships have fixed services like accommodation and food in a family, and these have been selected in order to support younger students, which need a package that is more inclusive for their safety being minors.
What happens if I do not feel comfortable in the company where my internship is?
We regularly arrange meetings or chats over the phone to check on your internship satisfaction and we will track the progress you are making. In case serious issues arise, we can consider moving you to another company. Consider that this option will take some time as we need to contact new hosts and arrange everything for you.
When will I receive my internship details?
Information on the internship, such as: company name, tutor's name, company email and physical address, description of the tasks etc. will be available on your personal profile as soon as the company confirm. On our experience this is usually 1 or 2 weeks before departure.
When will I receive the information regarding the accommodation I have booked?
Information on the precise location of the accommodation, whether you choose a family, student residence or shared apartment, will be available on your personal profile 2 or 3 weeks before departure.
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Duck Service and Warranties:

How does the service work?

  • Find the best internship for you
  • Customise your internship with additional services
  • Book a free call with an expert who will help you determine your career goals
  • Get matched with the best company
  • Receive your High School or University credits
  • Get assigned to your company dedicated tutor
  • Prepare your luggages and start your new exciting experience abroad!
  • Receive an attendance certificate and reference on Linkedin

Internship Match Warranty

Our service guarantees the client to get one or more interviews with companies interested in their profile. We define a deadline that will gave us enough time to present you the best companies for your profile.
If no company is presented to you by that deadline date, the fee will be fully refunded.


  • More companies confirm your application?
  • You decide which offer to accept.
  • Does a single company confirm the internship?
  • You accept and prepare for departure or you withdraw and lose only the deposit amount.
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  • Can't we find any company to introduce to you?
    Receive 100% of the amount paid.

Tailor-made Internship Warranty

We organise your internship based on the characteristics you have selected on the platform (accommodation, room, type of board, etc.).

You will do a free introductory call with one of our experts. We will take into account your requests, goals, expectations and experiences and will ket you know if you can take part on our placements.

  • Positive answer: we start the matching with the best company and we start to organise all the related services.
  • Negative answer: we do not want to waste your time and money on an experience we feel we are not able to help you achieve in this moment. There are several reasons why you have not been admitted into the programme, some of them could be: inadequate knowledge of the language, unsuitable age, etc. This means we feel you are not yet ready for this kind of experience in this particular moment, but we will provide useful tips that can help you to improve your skills and apply again in the future.