About Us


My name is Anita Da Ros and I am the founder of Duck Internship.

I decided to transform my passion for travel, new cultures discovery and continuous learning into my daily job, and trust me… I could not be happier!

Why did I choose to specialise in this field?

I lived in the UK for 5 years. I left Italy in 2007 at the age of 19, with only a thousand euros in my pocket, and I have always supported myself. My parents offered to help me out but I always felt it was my dream and I needed to succeed on my own.

I started by enrolling into a college in the UK to improve my language skills, which were really low, and from that moment everything has changed.

I got into a UK University studying International Relations and Politics and in 2012 I started a Master Degree in Public Services Policy and Management at King’s College London.

In the meantime, while I was studying, I never stopped working: IT company Partner of Google, for Mango and Zara, and as a hostess in various Restaurants during the weekends… From every single job experience I have learned valuable lessons that still prove useful to me today.

While studying, in September 2011 I was selected for an internship at the British Parliament in London, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I always felt as a citizen of the world, for such reason in 2010 I got the chance to move to the US for a semester abroad. While there why not getting the most out of it, I thought? And…

… I started an internship in a Non-Governmental Organizations that was dealing with the Environment. I wanted to expand my experiences as much as possible, as I knew that only trying out different jobs, I would find what I really liked.

After the US experience I moved to Spain for a couple of months in order to improve my Spanish.

I came back to Italy to write my Dissertation and in the summer, I worked for AC Milan, managing their “Junior Camps” while getting in touch with the world of sport at the highest levels.

I graduated both from my BA and MSc and found a first 9 to 5 job where I was managing NATO pension funds. It was a really good first job experience but I knew it was not my path so I left and continued my experience in the financial sector, working for a microcredit company.

There I learned about how to write a Business Plan, to look for funding and how to open your own company. I finally knew what I wanted… starting my own business and use my experience to help other young people succeed!

In January 2018 I won an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Scholarship and went back to Spain for 6 months to develop my project.

As soon as I returned from Spain, I got selected for the Global Scholarship and moved to Singapore, where I worked alongside the CEO of a technology start-up for 3 months.

All these experiences together, helped me to focus and build my own startup: StageAir, and develop an expertise in Internship abroad for high school, university and Graduate students.

Thanks to my start-up project, I got selected for a Fulbright & BEST Scholarship, this time for 6 months in Silicon Valley.

I now live between Spain and Italy and StageAir has evolved into Duck Internship.

Together with my incredible co-founders, Marco and Enrico and a team of top-level colleagues, I have collected the largest selection of paid internships around the world!

With Duck Internship I created what, as a student, I always wished to have: a team of professionals that could help me finding the best solution for me! A team of people capable of looking for a professional internship based on my requests. Sewn like a tailored suit.

We do not want you to lose so much time looking for internships that are not the right fit for your future career.

We at Duck Internship, have your back.
You just tell us your needs and we will find the best internship abroad that will boost your career.